What is the CEvaluator?

One of the levers for the circular economy is financing. Yet this is precisely the domain where many challenges still lie. Investors often do not know how to correctly assess the potential of circular projects. But often companies' or governments' credit files are also poorly substantiated. With the CEvaluator checklist, the Circular Flanders project Circular Impact Investing aims to simplify and professionalise the evaluation of circularity in investment files, in order to increase the effectiveness of investments in the circular transition and to scale up the implementation. 

Why CEvaluator? 

The CEvaluator checklist was custom developed for the financial sector and maps out the circularity performance of investment files in an objective, yet accessible manner. The visual presentation of the results provides an insight into the extent to which files address the various dimensions of circularity and enables files to be compared with one another.  

This not only takes account of circularity in the sense of product and material flows – broader aspects of ecological sustainability are also included. In addition, the checklist exposes typical funding opportunities and risks relating to circular cases and revenue models.

Who is it for?

How can you as a company best prepare for the issue of financing? And what criteria should be taken into account by lenders in order to come to the most objective credit decision for a circular investment file?

You are a lender

CEvaluator provides a decision framework for circularity that can be deployed within the evaluation process of any type of investor organisation, ranging from credit institutions, funds and leasing companies to impact investors and subsidy granters.

You are a circular entrepreneur

CEvaluator is not only aimed at evaluators of investment files – the checklist is also extremely suitable for circular entre- and intrapreneurs who want to substantiate their own file more thoroughly!

Would you like to get started with our evaluation tool?

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As the Circular Impact Investing project is still ongoing, we consider this tool a work in progress.

We are curious to hear feedback from users and your findings will be most welcome.

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The development of CEvaluator is taking place within the Circular Impact Investing project, in a partnership between VITO, Econocom and the Foundation for Future Generations and with the support of Circular Flanders

Circular Flanders is the hub and source of inspiration for the circular economy in Flanders. It is a partnership between governments, companies, civil society and the knowledge community, which jointly take action.